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One of the things my boyfriend and I enjoy doing together is running.  We’ve worked our way up from 8Ks, and finally decided to go for the Chicago Marathon.

It was 85 degrees, we ran for 6 straight hours (well, there was some walking in there too) and we crossed the finish line.

There are 45,000 others who ran the marathon last week.  Some of the runners wore costumes, some pinned signs to their backs that I read as I passed (or they passed us).  Some people were running for their birthdays, some for cancer, diabetes; one girl just had a sign that said “WTF was I thinking when I signed up.”

I passed an older woman, maybe 70, who’d written “If I can do this, You can do it.”  That one hit a nerve in me.  And I wondered if  I should have put a sign on my back that said “Running for MS” or “I have MS and can do this, You can do it.”

My family, close friends and my boyfriend all know about my diagnosis and what I went through this summer.  But I’m not ready to post a sign on my back that I’m different.  I feel like if I claim the disease it will take over me and I just want to forget it and move on from it.  And I struggle with even writing about it.

So I decided that for now, I’ll just celebrate in my completion of a marathon.  And worry about my sign when I run it next year.  Because I will still be running!