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I watched the Oscars on Sunday night.  Along with seeing all the dresses, I enjoy hearing the acceptance speeches.  My favorite part is when actors thank their wives or girlfriends. There is something about a guy openly expressing his love that I love!

So of course I was asking my boyfriend if he would get teary eyed and thank me in his Oscar speech because I told him, “I would thank you!”  And that got me thinking in general just how many people I’m thankful for in my life.

My boyfriend, family and friends have all been extremely supportive since the diagnosis – most evident along the lines of diet, so I would like to thank:

  • My boyfriend for eating gluten and dairy free with me; no questions asked, just giving me 100% support all the time.  And for waking up with me every morning at 5am and going to the gym.
  • My boyfriend’s mom for making sure there was plenty of food I could eat at Thanksgiving this year – and for baking a gluten-free, dairy-free apple pie.
  • My family for swapping the Christmas Eve tradition of going to Ginos East for deep dish pizza to Chipotle for tacos and burrito bowls.
  • My mom for always finding new recipes for me.
  • My girlfriends for making gluten and dairy-free meals when we get together for our girl’s nights.

These gestures of support mean so much more to me than just a gluten and dairy-free meal.  These people truly love me and care about me and want me to be healthy.  And these small gestures keep me from feeling sorry for myself. How could I?  There are people without MS who don’t have this much love in their life.