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I remember learning about blogs in a college communications class circa 2002. My teacher explained that blogs gave a “voice” to people who may never have been heard before. And that blogs would become a popular way for people to connect and learn about each other.

Well, I didn’t put much thought to it and definitely didn’t think I’d be blogging one day. I never thought I had a reason.

But now I feel compelled to connect with others who are out there and are struggling with MS. I’d like to be a positive resource. So much of what I read online is depressing. I read one blog where a woman recanted her neurologist’s advice on how to deal with the disease, “You won’t die from MS, but you will die with it.”

I think that is the worst possible advice. No one has to “die with” the disease. There is always hope and I want to share my experience since – all things considered – it’s been a good one. So, if you’ve come across my blog and have any thoughts, comments… please let me know.

Right now I feel like I’m just keeping an online diary for myself. Which, I guess is alright too.