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Work is a little slow, so I’m reading up on health and diet information today (can you tell?) The link below is a list of six foods that are good for your brain. To my surprise (although it shouldn’t be) are carrots.


I started drinking carrot juice shortly after my diagnosis to keep my eyes healthy. I know optic neuritis can happen to people with 20/20 vision, but in my mind, anything I could do to try and prevent it was worth it.

Now it’s a daily regime. I have a glass of carrot juice every day when I get home from work and I know it’s become a habit because I feel better after drinking it. So today when I read “carrots” on the list of foods that are good for your brain – it made perfect sense. And I had to share.

The science behind it is that carrots contain a compound called luteolin, which has been shown to reduce inflammation in the brains of laboratory mice. And I’m pretty sure the luteolin reduces inflammation in my brain too 🙂