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I was searching for some recent research or medical finds to post today and I saw that the Oregon Health & Science University is conducting a new MS trial – based on the McDougall diet. I was so happy to read this news. Diet has not been considered as a viable treatment by the medical community since Dr. Swank in the 1950s.

As you know from my earlier posts (and one of my reasons for starting this blog) I have been following a combo of the McDougall/Swank diet. And in the year since my diagnosis, I’ve had no relapses. At my six month follow-up I had no new lesions and the lesions that I did have all decreased in size. I’m a big believer in diet and how the foods and drinks we consume can affect our health.

I hope for the sake of all MS patients that this trial is a success and that the medical community pushes a low-fat, anti-inflammatory diet as hard as they push the drugs.