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My first work in oil - 2010

I’ve always loved to draw, but I never really thought about losing that ability until recently. Typically when thinking about MS, staying mobile is the first thing that crosses my mind.

Charcoal & pastel - 2009

So when my friend and I decided to resume our “art nights” (a.k.a drawing and drinking red wine), I realized being an artist (I use this term loosely) is just another aspect of my life that I’ll have to fight to keep. And it’s realizations like this that make it hard not to look at my life as a long daunting task.

Since MS entered the picture, I’ve learned (and still am learning) to make a conscious effort daily to treasure the here and now, and to appreciate the simplest activities of the day. Honestly, even washing the dishes has become less of a chore because I’m thankful that I can do it.

Tunnel in Central Park, NY - 2011

Last night was our first art night in a year and to commemorate, I’ve posted a few of my pieces. The Central Park picture is the first piece I painted after my diagnosis.