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Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength. ~ Corey Ten Boom

In the beginning I used to think about it all the time. When would “this” (MS) happen to me again? I felt like a walking time bomb: Every day that I’m normal could be my last… every hour, minute, second.  I never used to think about my life like that. And doing so was exhausting.

I finally realized – MS shouldn’t cause so much uncertainty in my life. No one knows what the next hour, minute, second will bring.

For example, my MS-free boyfriend survived a fiery car crash this spring. A woman rear-ended him on the interstate and their cars burst into flames on impact. He could have died, he could have been severely burned… thank God he escaped with only a cut on his forehead and a sore back.

Occasionally I’ll still hear that tik, tik, tik of the MS time bomb.  But I try to push those thoughts out quickly and only acknowledge them by thanking God for today and trusting that I’ll be in His care tomorrow.