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When I was younger, I said I would be a writer. This has not come true; as I work in marketing at a desk in a cubicle. But in honor of MS Awareness Month, I decided to write something before March ends. It came from my feeling that no one can truly know the value of life until they are faced with losing it (in some way, shape or form). And in that way, those with MS have a greater depth and understanding of the significance of each day lived well.

For the afflicted are the ones who are wise.
Those who understand what it’s like to lose the ability to stand;
To speak to see.

Those who have been humbled by their disability and inability.
Those who have lost control.
Those who have lost themselves.
These are the people who know the burden of fear;
The value of hope and the necessity of faith.

These are the people who have the strongest spirit and the kindest soul;
Who recognize that a broken body does not mean a failed life.

God bless all with MS.