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Thought I would share this three-part series from Dr. Terry Wahls.  Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, sign up to receive a link to the recording: http://savingdinner.com/wahlswebinar/

Dates and Topics:

  • September 20, 8PM ET: The Incredible Importance of Vitamin D & Minerals

Your vitamin D levels are critical; which minerals you must have daily for optimal health. Inadequate mineral intake is associated with the top 10 causes of death and disability; 2/3 of Americans are deficient!

  • October 30, 8PM ET: Friend or Foe? Who or What is Living in YOUR Gut?

Your gut is your second brain; how to heal a leaky gut, practical steps.

  • November 15, 8PM ET: It’s Time for an Intervention!

Your food is the basis of health or of chronic disease; nutritional interventions that may save your health!