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According to my fiancé, I always have a medical statistic or dietary fact to share.  And when I do this, I provide my own insight and theory as to how it applies to me and my natural health methodology.  Inevitably, my fiancé patiently listens as I excitedly tell my news and then asks, “So, when did you become a [insert specialty]?”

I don’t mind the teasing and sometimes I’ll even get him to indulge in my holistic health ideals and reminisce on how far I’ve come.

Before this diagnosis, my diet was the epitome of processed.  And now, nearly three years later it has been transformed.  The gluten-free, dairy-free part was cold-turkey, but that was just a matter of swapping out the real stuff for the replacement foods (which aren’t necessarily good for you either).  I substituted those for a while, settling into my new “diet.”  But slowly, I’ve transitioned away from those substitute items, ex: eating a gluten, dairy-free chocolate bar to eating a cup of raspberries or strawberries if I want something sweet.  Now I just eat clean and natural.

It’s a small feat, in my own little world, but it truly amazes me because I know how I was!  I can’t get over the irony that at this point in my life, where I was told that my brain will slowly disconnect; I’ve never felt more connected and more at peace.

And the peace isn’t solely a result of eating my vegetables.  😉

It’s a complete change in my lifestyle.  Reforming my diet is just a tangible result.  Most importantly, I’ve grown so much deeper in my faith, which I’m sure is the core of the peace in my heart.  I used to think those holistic “mind, body, soul” people were a little nutty.  But now I completely understand.